Long Term Disability Consultant

Get the benefits to which you are entitled
and the peace of mind you deserve.


Health Resources Consultants, Inc. helps clients secure the long term disability claims benefits to which they are entitled by providing expert guidance throughout the complex claims and appeals process.

With over 30 years experience in processing long term disability claims, founder Vivian Gallo assists disabled high-level professionals and medical specialists—surgeons, physicians, dentists, health care analysts, investment bankers, financial planners and litigators—who never thought they would need her services…until they did.

Using her “insider’s” knowledge of health claims and contract analysis, she will help you attain the financial security and peace of mind you deserve.

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* Client confidentiality agreements prohibit full name disclosure.

"I was an attorney with an MBA and had spent several years as a financial consultant and licensed health agent. Given my background, it never occurred to me that I would need help.

I am convinced that without Vivian Gallo, I would have lost some or all of my benefits, even though I met all of the requirements for being paid under each of my policies.

Jed S.
Tampa, FL*

The president of a NY furniture company had suffered a severe heart attack that left her unable to perform her job. When both Social Security and the insurer denied her disability claims, her husband, an attorney, was about to sue.

On a colleague's recommen- dation, he engaged Vivian to appeal his wife’s disability claims. The clients won both decisions and were saved the expense of a costly lawsuit.

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